Family Tree Publisher


Recording Family Information  
  • Personal Information
  • Parent-Child Relationships
full name: first, second, middle and last name
natural child
usual name
step child
name designation such as Dr. or Rev.
descendant of a step child
birth date or partial birth date
adopted child
birth location
adopted step child
death date or partial death date
adopted descendant of a step child
death or burial location including cemetery
  • Pictures
free form personal life story
personal photo albums
  • Marriage Information
support for a wide variety of picture file formats
marriage date or partial date
picture file compression
marriage location including church
smaller size / higher quality than JPEG
divorce or separation date or partial date
include one picture in many personal photo albums
    without increasing storage space 
common or individualized captions for pictures 
Searching for Family Members  
  • Names
  • Locations
partial names
birth location
death or burial location
name designations
marriage location
  • Dates
  • Miscellaneous
birth date or partial birth date
family members with personal photo albums
death date or partial death date
family members with personal life story
marriage date or partial marriage date
adopted family members
step children
descendants of step children
born under a particular Zodiac sign
unknown descendants
  • Other Families
divorced or separated family members
Navigation Within The Family Tree  
  • Move Between Generations
  • Move To A Bookmark Within the Family Tree
up the tree - previous generation
  • Move To The Top Of The Family Tree
down the tree - next generation
  • Select From A Graphical Picture Of The Tree
  • Move Back To Last Family Member
Printing Family Information  
  • Family Tree
  • Entire Family Photo Albums
narrow, normal or wide tree
  • Individual Pictures From Various Personal Photo Albums
tiled to fit on any page size or orientation
  • Customization
  • Current Generation
left, right, top and bottom margins
  • Family Member Information And Life Story
font typeface and size
  • Entire Family History Storybook
graphical icons or text
optional permuted index
inches or centimeters
  • Personal Photo Album
unlimited or limited tree depth

Distributing The Family Tree Database To Your Family Members
  • License To Copy Your Family Tree Database And Family Tree Publisher To Your Family Members
  • Tool To Organize Your Files
  • Specialized Compression For Smaller Picture Files
  • Tools To Create And Test Custom Installations
script based installation program
powerful, easy-to-use scripting language to create custom installations
uninstall program
  • Tools To Create Distribution Diskette or CDROM Sets

Miscellaneous Functions
  • Copy / Paste Pictures
  • Bookmarks
  • Family Tree Statistics
  • Automatic Slide Show
  • Support Multiple Families
  • Computer Generated Life Story
  • GEDCOM Import
  • Copy / Paste Life Story

Personal Customization
  • Main Screen
show / hide Zodiac signs
show / hide adopted children relationships
show / hide step children relationships
show ages in years or years, months and days
background including plain gray, built-in wallpaper and custom wallpaper
  • About Box

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